AM USCD Prays to Welcome Students, Open the Way for U.S. West Coast Mission


AM UCSD is praying to welcome more students to the fellowship by Pentecost and into June and prepare so that they may grow in faith in Jesus Christ and to live for  God's Kingdom. 

The chapter is moving forward with regular goal-oriented evangelism with an aim and vision to increase the number of bible study students and leaders for the expansion of West Coast mission in the United States. The chapter hopes that those who are called to study God's word can develop into leaders that guide programs that also bring others closer to the Lord and the community of believers in Jesus Christ.


AM UCSD is hopeful that the chapter can grow at the school through students that have a passion for the Lord and seek to expand the ministry. Official registration of the chapter as a student organization at the university will be an important step in that direction.

Pray for AM at UCSD, so that the growing mission can develop by the grace of God.