Elim Korea Gathers Prayer Warriors to Change Nation

Elim Center in Korea recently gathered hundreds of members for intercessory prayer to unite hearts for starting a spiritual revival in the nation. The center is praying so that the Olivet community in Korea, which includes its churches and ministries, can experience revival in the name of Jesus Christ and reach milestones of great expansion.


Elim Center International headquarters says the renewal of prayer in Korea has strengthened its spiritual authority. It says this renewal of prayer has made a way for the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Elim Center International is hopeful that people will be changed through the word of God in this atmosphere, and that they will be established as new prayer leaders. The headquarters is hopeful the work of the Holy Spirit will expand quickly.

An important goal for Elim Center in Korea is to expand the number of full-time ministers in the ministry. The center also aims to elect prayer leaders at each church.

Elim Center in Korea seeks to do this mainly by pursuing a strategy to establish systematic education for prayer leaders. The hope is that prayer leaders at each church can lead meetings filled with Holy Spirit. The center wants prayer meetings at each church to be revitalized.

Elim Center in Korea will also form a team of ministers that is divided into four areas: meditation, prophecy, healing and education. These four areas correspond with a plan made at the 2017 Elim General Assembly.

The center says it is currently in a stage where it is discovering and developing spiritual gifts at weekly prayer gatherings. The center is hopeful God will support the revival this year.