Japan's First National Leader's Conference in 2018 Scheduled for March

The first national leader's meeting in 2018 will be held at the Japan Olivet Assembly Center for three days and two nights from March 6 to 8.

The General Assembly of Japan calls on each presbytery to strengthen the spiritual standards and foundation of each church, with the vision to set up: 'Churches that places evangelism first' and 'Churches that raises leaders who founds their faith upon the Holy Bible'. Each mission leader will be joining the national meeting in March as an opportunity to realign their mission strategy and direction.

In addition to the national leader's meeting, half of each day of the conference will consist of lectures. The lectures will focus on mission strategy in the Japanese cultural context, which is world-famous to be challenging. Another lecture series will be a study of 'The lifetime of Jesus Christ' based on the gospel of Matthew.

May the national leader's meeting strengthen the churches across Japan, and spark a revival across this nation.