Malaysia Church Widens Door to Reach Children through Serving in Camp

Members of Kuala Lumpur Immanuel Community Church served in a Christian children's camp for three days over the past weekend, paving a way for the church to engage more children on a larger scale in the near future.

The children's camp was organized by The Bridge Communication, a local Chinese Christian publication ministry, also the only ministry in Malaysia that has been working to organize camp events for elementary school students within the last decade.

In addition to serving in the camp, the minister of the Immanuel Church was invited to deliver the message for the event's Sunday Service that was attended by fellow co-workers and volunteers of the camp.

Church members who participated in the event testified that they learned about leading with an attitude of service and working together with other leaders to achieve common goals.

Ministers in Immanuel Church said that it was encouraging that the director of the camp expressed interest in continuing to work together for future events, hoping to lead more children to Christ.

As Easter draws near, May God continue to bless the growth of mission in Malaysia through the power of the Holy Spirit.