OLI 2020 Summer Session to be Held in St. Louis July 13-24

The Olivet Leadership Institute (OLI) will hold this year's Summer Session from July 13th to 24th at US Olivet Center in St. Louis, Missouri. During this leadership-training program, the leadership candidates will undergo resourceful training and instructions to be prepared for ministry work.

The theme of the program will be based on the foundation of Romans, and extend from there to Book of Acts and other ministry related seminars. OA USA Education Department has confirmed the lineup of lecturers nationwide. In addition to the Bible lectures, the training session is expected to provide the participants with practical resources on evangelism and Christian leadership to equip them to serve as new leaders in various mission fields.

The candidates of the coming OLI session are from 12 different cities stretching from coast to coast across the US. OA USA hopes this training period will serve as an opportunity to raise a new generation of leadership in the US, who will participate in the new mission revival as the Lord's prepared workers.

OLI is an education organization with the purpose to educate and train future Christian leaders in a more systematic way by providing the knowledge and skill sets needed to enter God's ministry and find success in the work. It aims to produce equipped workers of the Lord for both churches and parachurches of the World Olivet Assembly.