St. Luke Society Kicks Off "Medical Dreamer" with Orientation in Seoul


On January 4th, St. Luke Society held an orientation for the upcoming medical dreamer program in Seoul Korea, with prospective participants.

Future medical workers and their mentors gathered in the Seoul National University faculty at the Dental Hospital. 

"Medical Dreamer" is a program designed by St. Luke Soceity to help future medical students to receive practical guidance from experienced physicians, who act in a mentor position. It is hoped to better prepare young people for the future working sphere and to introduce the field of medical mission, including hospital visits, lectures and other activities on the bibilical foundation.

During the orientation event mentors and sub-mentors introduced themselves and the program, sharing their testimonies and short video-clips of last year' session. The benefits that students can receive from the program were explained, as well as the participating rules. Afterwards , the orientation concluded by introducing staff and the activities of St. Luke Society, such as short-term overseas medical mission, 'Healing Hands', and leadership seminar.

St. Luke Society hopes to introduce Jesus as the true healer of the needy, aiming to raise many doctors that can resemble Christ and serve through their medical profession to provide holistic healing and a gospelization of the medical field.