Olivet High School Resumes the Final Term of 2019 Curriculum

Olivet High School

Olivet High School in Ndola, Zambia, began the third term on September 22nd in the grace of the Lord. 

The christian school was established in collaboration with Olivet Assembly of Africa in January this year with a vision to raise the new generation in God's word. 

The new term resumed with even greater hope and anticipation both from teachers and students, revealing successful launch of Olivet High School in Ndola city, Zambia. 

The third term will be the final stage of the 2019 curriculum. The school staff shared that everyone is praying to complete the full term faithfully to mark the first year as an exemplary success in school history. "We are very grateful to see Ndola's young girls and boys finally being led to a proper way of studying the knowledge of the word of God," said one of the school directors. 

The whole school including staff and students gather every morning to start the day with Bible study. Equipping students through the word of God is the central element of Olivet's education. 

Olivet High School continually endeavors to create an environment and opportunities for students to experience biblical maturity as well as academic progress.