Dover Kids Summer Retreat Concludes

Kids Retreat

Dover Immanuel Church concluded the 2019 Summer Kids Retreat well by the grace of God. Through the theme of 'God is love', the children learned about God's love deeper through knowing about the law and gospel.

On the first day, they learned about a world without law, and on the second day, they learned the law and the gospel. In addition, through activity time, children have come to know each other better and cooperate among them in each activity.

On the last day, they studied the meaning of the gospel and learned what kind of love is God's love. Children also experienced practical way to serve through cooking time.

After the retreat, several parents shared that their children came to know more clearly what is God's love and how we can see it and know about it. One mother testified that her daughter summarized it in this way: "God's love to us, it is when we are still sinners and very bad, but God is showing us His love through Jesus, His Son.  

Teaching staff hope and pray that children will learn more and experience love of God in their childhood so they would be able to mature in it and share it with others.