Encouraging Friendship Evangelism as Key Mission Strategy Among Teens

Olivet teen mission

Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) International is encouraging teen newcomers to participate in friendship evangelism. Many teenagers have recently joined OTM chapters in different countries, and OTM is now encouraging these teens to invite their friends as well, so that more souls can get to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ and devote their lives to the Kingdom of God.

Teenagers are known to be great evangelists as they have no fear or shame when they are very passionate about something in their lives. The gospel is the power of salvation and we should not be ashamed to share it, as the Apostle Paul proclaims in Romans 1:16-17. Once teenagers experience this gospel in their lives and receive the deep love of God, they wish to do nothing more but to share this joy with others.

Teenage years are also known as the period of developing friendships with others, so they spend a lot of time and effort on building relationships. They love committing their lives to something together with friends and to be part of activities with others. Therefore, they wish to invite their friend to everything they do.

OTM International encourages its local chapters around the world to use this method as a mission strategy: to raise the teens to reach out to their friends in order to bring more souls back to the Lord. OTM prays that God leads their ministry to find the many teenagers who are broken, lonely, and without hope or perspective in their lives. And may they experience new hope, new joy and find new purpose as they get to know the love of God in Jesus Christ by studying the Bible together.