St. Luke Society Korea Holds Preparatory Meeting For Healing Hands Mission Trip

St. Luke Society Korea recently held a preparatory meeting with doctors and volunteers for the Healing Hands medical mission trip to Cebu, Philippines taking place at the end of July.

During the meeting, the overall schedule and the programs were covered, including a Q&A session and review of mission-related activities such as medicine dispensing and running a mentoring program for local applicants.

Doctors who are mentoring gave various applicable ideas to help applicants. Staff are hopeful they can connect interested medical personnel to join a local church and grow in their faith.

Two important aspects of SLS Korea's medical outreach work over the past year have been to organize a mentoring program for future doctors known as the Medical Dreamers program and also prepare the Healing Hands medical mission trip, now in its second year. Some 'Dreamers' will also join the mission trip.

Both programs have served to increase awareness of SLS' work and to find people who wish to serve in the medical field and who may also want to dedicate themselves to growing in faith and serving through the fellowship.

"The short-term mission is only two weeks away and we see the number of people applying is gradually increasing," said an SLS staff member. "They are mostly doctors, medical students, nurses, and high-school students who are dreaming of becoming doctors. We look forward to more people applying for the mentoring program during the remaining period. Moreover, we wish that the great work of the Holy Spirit be upon the the short-term medical mission."