Faith and Family Foundation Holds 16th Anniversary Service in Dover


On July 17, Faith and Family Foundation 16th anniversary service was held in the Immanuel Chapel, Dover. Pastor Andrew delivered the sermon, explaining the importance of the families as the building rocks of the kingdom of God and also encouraged the families to be the faithful warriors in this world.

He quoted the Bible verses from Judges 7:1-8, explained the situation when the Israelite faced the numerous Midian and how God showed them the way to win the battle. God chose the 300 true people who kept the posture and self identity as a warrior and defeated the enemy. The real warrior, even the single one is very important. So is the family, which is the building rock of God's kingdom.

In Ephesians 2, Christ Jesus himself is the chief cornerstone, which everything is built on. Families are important for God's kingdom. Individuals are evangelized and become families centered on Jesus Christ. 

Families are not only the building rocks of the kingdom of God, but also the Gideon warriors. Families are in the frontline of battle of faith.

Christianity is losing strength in Europe, and the culture is changing, the same thing can also happen in US as well. So we need to build many families of faith like Gideon warriors today. 

God will build his church on this earth with this kind of family movement. In Genesis 6, when the sons of God, the people who had the commission of faith from God, married the secular people recklessly. That is also why the Christianity loses strength.

After the sermon, Faith and Family displayed a video of its ministry work in Dover within a year.

It is a precious time for all the members in Dover to commemorate this day together before God, and also meditate the meaning of our families and this ministry.

May God will use our families to bring revival to the churches in this world.