Revival Church in Zambia Strengthens Resolve for Kingdom of God and Great Commission


Congregants at Revival Church in Ndola, Zambia recently heard a message about the Kingdom of God at a Sunday service meant to strengthen their resolve to fulfill the Great Commission and overcome through God's power.

The July 7 message touched on two passages. The first covered Luke 10 where it is recorded Jesus sent out disciples, telling them not take much in the way of personal belongings, saying in verse 4 (KJV) "carry neither purse, nor scrip, nor shoes."

"These things represent the possessions and worries of the world," said the preacher. "They can wear you out and it is impossible to fulfill the great commission."

Another passage from Luke 17 gave clarity about the Kingdom.

"What is the Kingdom of God and what is it? The kingdom of God is in you," the preacher said.

It is a passage of "God living in you," he added. "We are talking about God living in you."

He also connected the Kingdom to God's power, which is sufficient to overcome those in opposition. He referred to the passage in 1 Corinthians 4:20.

"The kingdom of God is not in words but in demonstration of the power of God," he said. "Since we have God in us we have the power to destroy all the enemy's power."