SLS Korea Prepares for Medical Mission Trip With Education, Mentoring and Bible Study

St. Luke Society Korea held educational and mentoring programs in May for participants of its upcoming short-term medical mission trip to the Philippines.


The programs included a preparatory session for the 'Healing Hands' event in Cebu from July 27-30. Some of the Healing Hands mission trip participants are also a part SLS Korea's 'Medical Dreamer' mentoring program for students who aspire to become medical doctors.


SLS leaders lectured on world mission, the status of Healing Hands medical mission and also gave a bible study. They hope the preparations will help all participants to experience God' grace during the mission trip.


The first section included a lecture on the definition of mission, the biblical evidence of mission, the history of the Protestant missionary movement, the ministry of churches and missions, the Lausanne Conference and effective mission strategies.


The second section introduced the process of medical mission, including medical service plans, local mentoring and preliminary survey of Philippines. It also included a bible study from 1 Peter 1:15-16 entitled 'I am holy, so be holy,' describing the roots of sin and direction of life.


Participants said many of their questions were answered and gained curiosity about mission. 


One participant gained curiosity for world mission after gaining some basic knowledge while getting questions to answers. Another appreciated mentors' answers, recognizing their experience in life and medicine and expressing a desire to live a life that helps others, with hope to give "my best" going forward.