SEA Easter Retreats in Bangkok and Cebu Conclude with Call for Great Commission


The 2019 Philippines and Thailand Easter multi-day retreats for Olivet Assembly of Southeast Asia ended in the grace of the Lord on April 21.

The retreat in Bangkok, Thailand closed with a message proclaiming the great commission that Jesus Christ commanded his disciples to take after rising from the dead. The message encouraged members and participants to respond to the great love of God by finding lost sheep and feeding them.

At the retreat in Cebu, Philippines, OA SEA representative Pastor Samuel Chang delivered a sermon entitled 'Feed My Sheep' from the book of John 21, verses 15 to 19. He emphasized that "the Lord of God has given us his Great Commission to confirm our love."

"We should raise sheep of the Lord. Members in church should take care of them and spread the truth to those who don't know the gospel," he said.

Participants said they received much grace from the sermon and repented before God because they had forgotten the commission from Jesus and lost the first love given to them from God.

"Thank God for the precious message, giving me the way to respond to the love from Christ," said one church member. "I hope I can be more fruitful by living a life of resurrection."

May God bless the mission in Southeast Asian countries and bring revival with the power of resurrection.