OTM Guides Continetal Leaders to Pray and Prepare for Expansion

Olivet Teen Mission headquarters is encouraging continental OTM region leaders to pray and take steps to share the vision of the ministry more easily, grow capacity for gathering staff and teens, and train future leaders.

At a recent meeting of continental leaders in the United Kingdom, OTM said continental region leaders ought to keep in mind and pray for establishing continental websites that focus on local countries, set up continental leadership training and open office space for staff, volunteers and teen programs.

OTM notes each region has a variety of goals and programs that include setting up additional staff, travel, camps and weekly activities. To accomodate that growth, the ministry is also urging leaders to think about a Business as Mission strategy to support the regional expansion that can be based on their continental market and with discussion with region leaders.

Training by region is expected to expand this year which will allow more unity and understanding for programs among staff and volunteers with similar cultural backgrounds. Establishing regional continental websites can show more localized program activity and be more useful to show staff, teens and parents the vision for the ministry.

OTM hopes leaders can prepare for these projects and continually pray that God will allow the plans to be realized.