Faith and Family Conference Is Convened in New York

In the afternoon on February 25, Faith and Family conference started at the ministry HQ in New York ministers from HQ, UK and China attended and directly talked about establishing the new family churches in this year.

Pastor Joanne Im, the director of Faith and Family Foundation, gave a sincere prayer before God to start this event. Then the ministers from the UK and China briefly talked about the singles that would start to have conversations. Each of the attendants joined the meeting actively. At the end of this day meeting, all the ministers prayed for Faith and Family HQ, finance and ministry work.

On the last day of the conference, Faith and Family HQ staffs gave ministry reports and seminars in each department on the last day of the conference.

Pastor Kate Trudeau gave the single care department report, including the video webinar with ministers for singles education all around the word was finished in May, writing columns for singles, newsletter, raising male instructors for single education, various book clubs with singles, OLI seminar, seminar for singles, gathering information all over the world and complete statistics. 

Staff Jane Bin gave a brief seminar about media and Faith & Family news writing, which helped the attendants to think about using the media platform to share the work of God in our families and singles.

All the attendants received much grace through the reports and lectures. This is a new beginning for the Faith and Family ministers to achieve the goals of this year and help to build up Christian family both new and old in the future.