OTM Reminds Leaders of Initial Steps in Preparing for Easter Camps, Retreats

Olivet Teen Mission chapters are preparing for Easter camps that will provide teens more time to meet the Lord. As leaders prepare for these special camps, OTM headquarters is providing guidance.


OTM North America, Asia Pacific, Europe are preparing large gatherings for teenagers from church families. Below are the three logistical details that leaders must confirm as soon as the decision to hold the camp is made. Through adequate preparations, teens can focus more deeply on receiving grace.


1. Confirm Dates and Locations


Leaders should select dates that are good for the majority of the teens and make sure the location is available. Additionally, there ought to be conversations with different leaders, besides OTM HQ, such as OA national, regional representatives, and local church leaders. They will assist in providing ideas and providing any feedback if needed. The guidance from OTM HQ is to hold a camp April 15-19 and allowing teens to join the adult Easter retreat or serve in the children's Easter retreat.


2. Make Schedule


When the dates are confirmed, the schedule should be made as soon as possible. Leaders should remember from previous experience from past camps and retreats on what was effective for teens. The priority is for teens to experience grace and meet God deeply; the program should be designed for this. Leaders are instructed to do it prayerfully.


3. Confirm Theme


What is the main topic that teens ought to learn about? This will guide the messages and activities that will be done. This should also be done with much prayer.


4. List Roles and Responsibilities, Assign Volunteers


A list of all the different roles needed for the camp is to be made. Afterward, volunteers should be assigned to ensure that each role is taken care of well. When asking volunteers, leaders should cast the vision for the specific roles and encourage these potential helpers in why they would be a great fit. Once the team is set up there should be regular follow-up with them, even daily.


The next steps besides these will include opening registration, confirming preachers, setting a budget, and allocating rooms for the lectures and activities. Representatives are especially concerned about setting up more volunteers - to ensure this is a fruitful time for the teens, many volunteers are needed.