Saint Luke Society Starts Mentoring Program

Saint Luke Society(SLS) has begun two mentoring programs. The Medical Dreamer and the Mentor Doctor.

Medical Dreamer is a program for middle and high school students who have vision to become a Medical practitioner and seek to uphold the values of Christian faith. The Mentor Doctor program is aimed at medical students, university students, and young medical students in the same respect.

The mentoring programs started orientation on January 5th and official program began on January 12th. The first speaker for the 'Mentor Doctor' program is Dr. Jung So-young.

During mentoring, questions and answers were actively exchanged and both mentors and mentees were satisfied. After mentoring, the students shared refreshments, introduced themselves to each other and shared their situation with teachers and finished the schedule after completing their reflection.

One participant at Mentor Doctor program said, "I dreamt of becoming a medical missionary when I was young. Now I work as a nurse. I've applied to the program to learn more about my mission as a medical practitioner. I came because I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to understand how my faith and my practice can be both applied for God's work.

Another student said, "I realized that a sense of duty to patients is not only in examination but also when doing research. It was a really useful time that helped me to seriously think about what to do in the remaining two years of school."