OTM Int'l Announces Three Important Seasons for Teen Gatherings

Starting in 2019, Olivet Teen Mission International will seek to establish a new tradition for large global gatherings for teens three times per year during Easter, Summer and Christmas.

OTM aims to follow the tradition of World Olivet Assembly denomination churches that gather at key times during the year. OTM especially hopes to use these gatherings to nurture teenagers of parents who have devoted themselves as members of the church.  OTM will use these times to gather and meditate deeply on the word of God, using the guidance of Jesus' teachings to help them overcome darkness that is in the world.

The ministry hopes to establish a strong foundation for the teens, strengthening them be bold in the face of whatever they encounter in the world while being reinforced by a community of believers.

OTM Int'l asks for parents in the church to prepare the teens for the gatherings and possible travel to join their peers during these important three seasons. Please pray for next year's programs and the development of OTM International.