Emmanuel church of Zambia had overnight prayer meeting


Emmanuel Church members had overnight prayer meeting to make the unity of the church. 30 members gathered to Emmanuel Mission Center, and they started from 20:00 to 5:00 AM of the next day. They prayed for leaders and members, challenges of life and moving forward programs of the church.

Pastor John led program. Some members near around of the Emmanuel mission center came and some neighbors also invited. One visitor came from another church preached for the 'will of God' from the book of Matt 7:21-23. He shared about demon-casting, miracles, and signs that "People are doing own will but not doing the will of God". He also shared that Jesus' food was doing the will of God.

They made a plan to do an overnight prayer meeting to do regularly. Pastor John said "This program is really making the unity of the church of Emmanuel" and "we shall keep having this program for the unity of the church".