SLS 16th General Assembly Concludes with Expectation for Dramatic Impact

With God's abundant grace, Saint Luke Society held the 16th World General Assembly from September 14-16th, with the Opening Service delivered by Dr. Myungseop Shin. His sermon was delivered in the Gospel of Matthew 11: 25-30, title "Come to me". 

Special lectures were given by Dr. Myung-seop Shin and Dr. Joseph Lee. The first lecture went into great detail on the medical care history and its impact on the mission field. Dr. Shin talks about the time to look at the changes for strategies for the modern medical mission that will help develop a great strategy for the medical mission that St. Luke Society will pursue.


The second lecture focused on 1 Peter 3:15. God always leads in accordance with his good will. This is a time when Saint Luke Society can convey the wishes to many people. The lecture stressed the importance of clear identity among Saint Luke Society members and their role as a family and part of the organization.

The representatives from Asia Pacific, CIS, Latin America, United States, and Korea held a conference in order to prepare for the plans for the upcoming months and for the year 2019. New proposals and new goals were made and various strategies were shared in order to strengthen the mission and evangelism.

The closing service on September 16th was delivered by Dr. Joseph Lee, in the Gospel of John 2:1-11, titled "Fill the jar with water." 

Dr. Lee's focused on how we should live our life full of hope for the future to come. As we are the face of evangelism, we should have full hope affecting the others near us.

In the sermon, Dr. Joseph shared that we are to fill our jars with water as Jesus commanded us. God gives us the blessing but it is a must to fill our jars first. When our jars are filled, God has the power to give great change. The power of changed doesn't come from us but rather it comes from God, after we prepared ourselves; God can bring the dramatic change.