SLS Identifies Bolivia as Potential Candidate for the Next Medical Mission

After the great success of Medical Mission in the Philippines, SLS continues to search for a potential new destination for international mission. One of the potential country candidates is in Bolivia, Latin America.


After her long hours of searching, SLS Representative, Venoni Miranda, "Our member Solanch Peralta was moved in her heart to start planning a short term mission that will take place in a town called Camiri located 5 hours from the city of Santa Cruz in Bolivia."

She continued, "Camiri is a link between the big city and the small towns around which many people in need come to receive medical attention, often without getting the help they need."

"Sometimes the hospital is so full that people have to go back home without attention," she shared, "We need to learn a lot [to serve better here] and all my colleagues loved the idea to practice and be part of this project"., "

"Our passion is to help, even in small things, so this will be a wonderful opportunity to learn more and practice," she said.

The leaders and members in Latin America pray for this mission to yield prayerful results and give God the glory He deserves from the mission work.