OTM Program to Hold California Mission Tour, Strengthens Teens in Major Cities


As previously mentioned, Olivet Teen Mission headquarters staff will be traveling to California for a mission tour where the cities of San Francisco, Riverside, and Los Angeles will be visited.

The purpose of this trip is to raise awareness of teens, to recruit interns and staff for Teen Mission, to educate parents on teens' growth and spiritual development, and to reach out to teens by holding teen-centered programs.


Among all the programs that will be carried out during the trip, holding teens programs is of necessity. Through holding these programs, the OTM HQ staff will model for leaders and church staff how to carry out programs for teens. The goal is that after this, leaders of the church and parents could see how to run a teen program on their own and begin to have programs for the second generation.

These teen programs are crucial because this is the way to take care of teens and their spiritual growth. During the trip, the OTM HQ staff will hold a time for Bible study, activities, and time with teens to spend time with them and teach others about outreach programs.