Churches Around the World Celebrate Day of Family Church


Churches around the world held services and events in celebration of the Day of Family Church, an annual recognition of the importance of strong biblical values in raising successful and healthy families. These events at local churches help to reinforce and promote the truth of biblical families according to the way that God intended for them to be made. The emphasis on purity and family members focused on doing the will of God is such a powerful truth that needs to be made increasingly more evident in modern times.


In New York and Los Angeles, there were several kid's performances to show off the talents of young students that attend Olivet Academy. These children were able to express their gifts and remind everyone how much of a blessing families can be. In Dover a yard sale event organized by Faith and Family Foundation also helped to bring families together and utilize creativity for ministry fundraising.

New York Immanuel Church examined the meaning of creation to express the importance of the family. Each individual family exists as an individual church that lives to serve and glorify God. If this meaning of the family is lost, then the family loses much of its meaning and strength. By understanding deeply the reason for our creation and how we need to be united with God, then the family becomes successful and meaningful.

The Washington DC Church also celebrated the Day of Family Church with a special song delivered by a precious family who has experienced great healing from God. A special video presentation showing the families in DC was followed by a cake cutting ceremony. After the service, families also participated in games and activities.

In Seoul, South Korea, the service was conducted with the participation of all members and second generations who knew the meaning of 'faith and family' in accordance with the guideline of the FFF International. Through worship, members meditated on the meaning and place of our family, meditating on the mission of the Lord, and meditating on the meaning of family as a basic foundation of Heaven.

At the choir, Jubilee and the children sang together a special song "In His Kingdom He reigns", singing the hope of the kingdom of God to be done in this land, and to pass on a beautiful world for future generations.

For London Emmanuel Church, it was a day to remember God's providence and how the beautiful families have been drawn together, edified and blessed with children, a day to worship God with thanksgiving. 

During the Sunday Service sermon, P. João delivered a message taken from 2 Corinthians 1:3-11. The church prays that God may continue to bless and look after these families and children in Christ.