OTM Holds Pentecost Retreat with Hope for Revival of Korean Youth


Over the Pentecost weekend, Olivet Teen Mission Korea held its Pentecost retreat in cooperation with Antioch Church, with the prayerful hope of the Holy Spirit doing His work on the youth who participated in the retreat.

Pastor Haeju Kang, who preached the opening service message taken from Acts 5:32 and Luke 10: 38-42 encouraged the teens to have the obedience towards listening to the Word of God, which Jesus pointed out was more essential than any service that can be performed unto God. He encouraged the teens to receive the Holy Spirit with this obedient heart this Pentecost.


Pastor Andrea Choi, during the lecture series taught firstly about the identity of the creator, through whom man was created, which gives man the clear identity of being an existence of a beloved one; and secondly, sin, the reality of man who departed from the identity of being the beloved of God and can only be saved through faith in Jesus Christ, who restored the identity by revealing the love of God on the cross.

In an era where post-modernism permeates cultures and values of the youth, it is an era where many teens are lost especially in self-identity and self-realization. It is crucial for the church to proclaim the message of identity that is in the love of God through Jesus Christ.

After the Bible lecture, there was a time for group gatherings to share the parts of the messages that touched each person. After that, a prayer meeting was held and the day was concluded with a time for each participant to write their personal reflection.

OTM urges prayer for all youth in Korea, as recent statistics suggest that only 2% of the youth have active Christian faith. As the future of Christianity in Korea, it is imperative that revival comes upon the young people of Korea, and for the work of the Holy Spirit to continue in this precious country.