OA SEA Enters Final Preparations for Second Joint Retreat and OLI in June


The preparation gears up for the second regional joint Retreat and Olivet Leadership Institute training to be held on June in Thailand, with the OA SEA General Office working in collaboration with church ministers.

The five-day leadership training from June 22 - 26 will have seminars focused on the book of Galatians and "The Ancestor of Faith" in the book of Genesis. In addition, special lectures will be delivered to focus on marriage and relationships.


There will also be a presentation on the membership growth and development for the first half of 2018. It will be a time for each country leader to consider candidates of potential future leaders and establish the next steps to further equip them to participate in the Great Commission. Leaders also will present their goals and plans for the second half of the year.

As the preparation for OLI finalizes, may it serve to unite OA SEA ministers as they contribute to the preparations while spurring each other forward to raise more future leaders to be sent for training in OLI as a launchpad to raise more co-workers in their respective mission fields.