SLS Korea Reports Progress on Leadership Seminar and Short-term Mission Trip


Saint Luke Society Korea is emphasizing on active evangelistic work during its most recent meeting. Reports highlighted the progress of preparation for the short-term medical mission work, and the next medical leadership seminar that will be held in June.


The sixth medical leadership seminar will also be held next month. As awareness of SLS is being enhanced through quality seminars, with posters and the schedule being distributed this month among medical circles.

Preparation for the short-term medical mission work - Healing Hands are progressing according schedule. Medications, medical tools and other auxiliary supplies are currently being inventoried, and the detailed role of each staff is being set for each part of the trip.

 "Plans are in place for SLSK to raise more medical professionals to join in its mission to spread the gospel in its unique vision," said one of the key staff in the SLSK office. "Whether its through getting more doctors and nurses to join medical mission trips, or getting field experts and seniors in our industry to speak to us through leadership seminars, giving deep insight to young medical workers."

"Through these recent activities we believe more will join us in the effort of the Great Commission in the medical industry."