OASEA Increase Evangelism and Outreach Programs towards Pentecost


In anticipation for the work of the Holy Spirit this Pentecost, Olivet Assembly of Southeast Asia churches are hastening their mass evangelism strategies that target both Christians and non-Christians, while organizing weekly outreach programs and a large-scale event once every month.


Observing there being many wandering Christians without a proper church, not being able to find belonging and lacking discipleship in the Word of God, the OASEA churches have been actively planning and inviting many for Bible study courses and seminars.

Thailand church have started a cell group for working people in City Center. The church also holds weekly Sunday School for current members to deepen their faith.

Philippine Churches continues to involve members in evangelism and outreach programs to encourage them to participate in building the Kingdom of God. 

Vietnam members from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh just ended a Bible study series on marriage. Attending members came to establish a Biblical view on spousal relationships, and resolving many confusing issues they had on modern day values on marriage.

It is with great hope that as OA SEA churches pile up efforts in organizing weekly outreach programs and monthly large-scale events for both Christians and non-Christians, the churches will experience an overflow of congregants who are seeking to know Christ and make Him known.