Providing Both Physical and Spiritual Care for the Community of Port Au Prince, Haiti

Haiti SLS

SLS Clinic had the blessing to open its doors to offer primary care attention from 8 AM to 5 PM to the community members in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Many in the neighborhood came seeking for medical attention, and were served by a number of volunteers and church members, along with the SLS medical staff.

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After sharing the gospel with the visitors, the SLS Ministry presented their vision and mission to those waiting for the medical service.

"It was a great event with a lot of blessed persons and let us see the big need in Haiti" Jean, a key staff commented.

"While people were waiting we had the blessing to share about Mathew 4:23 God in his precious love and mercy does not only address physical health but also spiritual health. That is why when Jesus walked through Galilee healing sickness, he also saw the spiritual need teaching and preaching the Gospel so they can repent and receive salvation," Jean said to the listeners. "How important is it for people to take care of their bodies but what's even more important is their spiritual bodies because that is the most important thing to God", Jean said.

Medical attention was received by the visitors with gratitude, with most of them in great need of medical services but they are located too far to reach them.