OTM US Internship & Training to Bring Forth a Breakthrough in Mission


Olivet Teen Mission grew greatly in the year of 2017 through holding new internships and leadership training opportunities. This year, OTM seeks to bring a breakthrough in the United States mission field by opening up the doors to many more leaders around the region.

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The following are ways through which OTM US will accomplish it.

1. Increase Network with Chapter Leaders: The goal is not only to provide guidance to set up OTM leaders, chapters, and teenagers but also to encourage ministers to recruit members for leadership training and internships.

2. Open Up the Doors to Expanding Mission: OTM believes that allowing others to enter the HQ will bring a great revival to the churches in their own regions. Those members who attend, will return their home church full of hopes, dreams, and practical skills to apply in their daily lives. Not only so but they will grow spiritually as well.

3. Recruit Leaders through Internships and Offer Leadership Trainings Quarterly: OTM US plans to hold various internships throughout the year and hold leadership training every 4 months. Each quarter, OTM will set up a US training date, share it with missionaries, and urge them to seek those who can be sent to those training.