Saint Luke Society Plans New Medical Laboratory


Medical science is a continuous intensive research to improve quality of medical services and pharmaceutical needs for the healing and comfort for those who are in need. Saint Luke Society plans to promote a qualitative service by relying on a great research and proven methods. Thus, SLS plans to establish a new laboratory that will hold these works.


With God's grace, the hospital in Korea was established strongly with great foundations and strong faith. As of now, the SLS is ready to compete with other hospitals and provide higher grade of services, pushing them the urgency of developing their own medical laboratory.

The new laboratory that will be built in the close future will mark a new history for SLS bring new medical experiments, new thesis, and new technologies.

With the new age of technology and advancements, modern psychologists defined humans as a flesh living lacking of soul and spirit. However, Saint Luke Society believe that humans have the spirit, and has its needs, and the spiritual cure relates the physical cure.

Dr. Sujeong from SLS shared, "Scott Pack wrote that he interpreted the psychology as something that revolves around faith. This is very innovative in our current generation and its worth emulating."

Saint Luke Society wants to promote healing in the physical body but more importantly the healing of spirit through faith and the blood of Jesus.