Regional FFF Chapters Develop Marriage Education for Singles

With the growing number of single members in the local churches, some regional FFF chapters have found it increasingly important to teach their members the Biblical principles and guidelines for marriage. In the past few months, Africa, Latin America, and Japan FFF staffs have been continuously developing their marriage education for singles.

Earlier this month, Argentina Emanuel Church started a seminar for families with the book "The Meaning of Marriage" by Timothy and Kathy Keller. So far, three families have joined this seminar and more are expected to attend. Pastor Jhon spoke from chapter one, entitled "The Secret of Marriage", which underscored the importance of the Gospel and its ability to fill our hearts with God's love, helping us overcome relationship issues.

In May, OA Africa had a FFF meeting with church pastors at the OTCS chapel room in Zambia. They guided members on the subject of courtship. The pastors agreed that statistically speaking, Africa is in a more serious condition than the USA regarding family issues. Missionary James shared that Africa really needs to establish this program to protect families in the faith. "We have to plan to provide church leaders with training and communicate with local pastors to tailor it to African cultures," he added.

In June, Olivet Assembly of Zambia provided Faith and Family lessons for young adults. Missionary James introduced the FFF ministry and taught 7 young church members. Listeners asked many questions, agreed that courtship is the Biblical option, and received abundant grace from the lesson. Africa FFF also plans to give online FFF seminars with the mission leaders of each country.

In Latin America, with more than 10 countries participating, FFF began hosting the online seminar for singles about preparing for Christian marriage. For the first lesson, Pastor Jhon introduced the difference between dating and courtship. The seminar will continue every Friday at 3PM (Argentina Time) for six weeks. Moreover, from April to June, Argentina church offered a seminar for singles teaching how to prepare for marriage with courtship. Participants received abundant wisdom from God and were thankful for their time learning from the book "Choosing God's Best."

FFF Japan recently started a 'Book Club for Singles' for those who live in different cities. On June 20th, the first session was held, led by FFF Japan representative Pastor Sooyoung Jung. Two singles from Hiroshima and Sapporo attended and plan to join the weekly sessions.

In March, FFF Thailand gathered single sisters for a weekly book club, in order to prepare their hearts for their next step of faith and counsel them according to the book, "Choosing God's Best." Minister Jessica and Sister Poy joined the first gathering, led by Pastor Rebekah, and shared their expectations and prayer topics. They shared their family background and wish to let go of their past experiences and step into new beginnings.

In the coming days, FFF HQ will continue to provide the local chapter instructors online training and make the guidelines for them. Different language book club materials are also being prepared by FFF HQ single care department, which will include 'the Meaning of Marriage', 'Lady in Waiting' and 'Choosing God's Best' book notes.