Faith & Family Foundation in Japan Holds Teens Camp with Overflowing Grace

From March 27-30, a teen camp was organized by Japan Faith and Family Foundation as teens were led to know more about God through Bible studies while being trained to surrender to the Lord remembering the cross and His grace.

Through the Bible studies, the teens were guided to learn about the basics of Christian faith, on the foundation of the four spiritual laws. Through the studies, they came to understand more about the Bible, which carries important messages and brings them hope in life. In addition to Bible studies, there were a host of activities which seek to bond the teens closer to one another. Additionally, there also a time where they prayed together as teens shared about their prayer topics.

Reflecting on the whole camp, a brother from Sendai Ainohikari church shared, "I really happy to be with many kids for four days three nights. Thank Lord for the cross, and for the price you paid. I am grateful and joyful to be cleaned by that love."

Sister Mami Yasuhara from Tokyo Ainohikari church shared, "I used to feel uneasy. However, now I have peace in my mind as I know the love of God who has forgiven me. I am grateful for attending camp and want to be the one who seeks God's grace more and more."

May God bless the teens of Japan richly. Let us pray that they may grow well in faith and love by the word of God.