Latin America Conference: Leadership for Mission Development

Latin America Mission Conference Third Day

As part of the third day of the Latin America conference in Bogotá, Colombia, the conference proceeded to offer guidance to the leaders on how to develop their churches and the region as a whole.

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A primary focus of the conference was on the qualities and actions of a good leader. During the conference, leaders read Joel 2:4-11 to meditate on the qualities of leaders and the need to cultivate leadership for mission development. 

Luke 9 especially emphasized the basics that Christian ministers ought to live by. From the Bible, ministers learn the way of life that is free from possession, just as Jesus lived. In the life he led, the Lord made himself poor so that others can be rich. A pastor ought to have this mentality to be like Christ and not live following possessions. 

As it says in Habakkuk 3, believers can rejoice even though there are no other materials because salvation is their satisfaction. Christians are rich because of this. Just as Peter and John stated to the lame beggar, "Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have, I give to you." Even if they do not have silver or gold, they have something else that is truly abundant. 

Church ministers must develop quality of becoming quick. However, not only through speed, but also with technique and perseverance can the church truly grow. After creating a proper strategic plan, leaders must pray precisely.

Another focus of the conference was raising leaders through establishing a school in the region. Through creating the school, church members can be sent to be trained and establish a biblical foundation.

Another emphasis was on the crucial need of developing church websites. It is through this online platform that many people will be invited and understand the vision and works of the mission.