Faith and Family Foundation Conference of World General Assembly

On October 29, Faith and Family Foundation(FFF) held a warm and friendly communication between Dr. Tom Cowley and all the FFF staff, through which they shared their ministry situation and prayer topics, and Dr. Cowley also gave his precious suggestions.

First, all the FFF staffs briefly introduced themselves to Dr. Cowley one by one.  And then, Dr. Cowley said, there were 4 objects of Faith and Family: 1. Continue building the mission strong in Faith and Family 2.Help WOA churches and to be a resource 3. Have a meeting combined with WEA to exchange news and dialogue 4. Continue to strengthen Faith and Family website, and communication around the world.

He said Bible will be very important in raising Christian children and used Luke 2:41-52 to explain how Jesus' parents knew well the customs and familiar with the bible. And the parents should teach the children bible and let it be the cornerstone of their life. He also mentioned the importance of counseling in Faith and Family ministry.

Then staffs from both the headquarter and all the regions of the world shared their ministry situation and their problems or prayer topics.

Joanne Cho, executive director of FFF briefly shared the work headquarter had achieved within this year, including the renovation of FFF headquarter office, increasing of the headquarter staffs, establishing 48 regional chapters around the world.