Eurasia Region Had Mission Conference in Frankfurt

In mission conference held in Frankfort, Germany this week, leaders of Eurasia outlined the strategies to open the route for mission growth among the Russian-speaking region of the world. 

Regional communication structure of churches will be reorganized to allow more effective evangelism collabration. Estonia will link with nearby cities of St. Petersburg, Riga, Helsinki, and seek to open additional cities between them and Vladivostok. Ukraine will link with Minsk (Belarus) and Turkey. Moldova will collaborate with Balkan countries including Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Macedonia. Kazakistan will be the center of communications for Central Asia nations including Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan. 

In addition, Protestant churches in Post Soviet Countries commonly concentrate their cause on social work to those who need to be comforted: orphans, retirees, widows, disabled, drug and alcohol addicts, etc. 

The churches of Eurasia seeks to expand their prayer for and support more for those that needs to be comforted in the region. The churches will also seek to recruit other local churches and communities to cooperate in this effort.