Colombia 3-Day Retreat Renews the Hearts of Mission Leaders for the Kingdom of God

Colombia 3-Day Retreat Renews the Hearts of Mission Leaders for the Kingdom of God

A national mission leaders retreat was held by Olivet Assembly Colombia under the theme, Be the Scribe of the Kingdom of Heaven on July 1-3, 2022. It was overflowed with grace as mission leaders came together to listen to God's Word, pray and have fellowship for three days. The messages of the retreat centered on the parables of the kingdom that touched and renewed the hearts of the mission leaders for the kingdom of God.

With the main Bible verse, “Therefore every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like a master of a house, who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old” (Matthew 13:52), the lectures were given for each parable of the kingdom of heaven in Matthew 13, encouraging mission leaders to be the scribe of the kingdom who diligently sow the seed of the word and share God’s blessing of eternal life to the ends of the earth. The lectures reminded that the kingdom of God starts small yet expands at a rapid pace, because the gospel is the most powerful thing that no one can replace with money or fame.

Furthermore, through the Bible lectures, the mission leaders were reminded to follow and obey the teachings of the risen Lord and let the light shine of Christ into the world, holding onto the new life and hope for the future obtained through the gospel. They were also exhorted to follow the path of the Lord’s righteousness until the end with humility relying on the help of the Holy Spirit, reminding that the person of the Holy Spirit empties himself and serves with love.

The Bible lectures were followed by grace-filled fellowship, prayer and sharing among participants where they could testify about how God has spoken to them through His word and how it transformed their thoughts and lives. The leaders were greatly strengthened and empowered by the Holy Spirit through the time of prayer, and renewed their determination to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth to advance the kingdom of God.

Through the Colombia mission, may many lost souls be found and return to the Lord and gain eternal life, which is the greatest joy in heaven.