International Parachurch Forum Discusses "Education Leading Multiplication"

International Parachurch Mission Forum 2020 was held in New York from January 27th to 29th with the theme of "Education Leading Multiplication".

The three day forum primarily focused on the ways to bring multiplication in all levels of Parachurch organizations. The plenary meeting covered the themes of contextualized methods of evangelism and discipleship for youth groups in local chapters, strategic outreach tools, and others. 

Parachurch leaders presented annual goals and mission directions for the year 2020. The overall aim to reinforce administrative platforms was shared to ensure sustainable and continuous expansion following the vision of WOA mission. 

Leaders from Apostolos Mission, Youth Evangelical Fellowship, Jubilee World, Elim International, Saint Luke Society, Young Disciples, Gospel & Information Technology, and Faith & Family Foundation joined the meeting sought to reaffirm collective goals and vision of WOA Parachurch fellowships and ministries. 

The next forum will be held with the theme of "Salvation and God's Kingdom" to discuss ways to communicate the core values of the gospel and strategies to raise future Christian leaders.