OLI 2020 to be Held in New York with the Vision of Raising Christian Leaders

Summer Session for Olivet Leadership Institute will be held in June, 2020, in New York. The program has been prepared in collaboration with Olivet Assembly of USA & Canada and Elim International. 

The objective is to provide education for new leaders and ministers currently serving in WOA local churches and ministries. The candidates are applying for the registration to participate in the program. 

Olivet Leadership Institute aims to train future Christian leaders in a more systematic way to produce equipped workers for both churches and para-churches. 

This year's program will be designed to provide biblical, theological, and practical knowledge and skills that are required for various WOA ministries. The four week program will be focused on areas required for Christian leaders to profoundly understand to serve in leading roles of local fields. 

OLI provides resourceful programs for those who have a passion for serving God's Kingdom to be established with a solid biblical and spiritual foundation. 

The programs discussed cover primary areas required for Christian ministers to understand. The curriculum for OLI 2020 includes Four Spiritual Laws, Systematic Theology (Bible, God, Soteriology, Eschatology), Christian Apologetics, Introduction to the Old Testament, Introduction to the New Testament, Church History, Church Planting, Christian Ethics, Christian Leadership, Spirituality, and Church Administration. 

The prayer is to raise effective leaders who will participate in the new mission revival as Lord's prepared workers.