International Para-Church Forum 2020 to be Held in New York: Education Leading Multiplication

Mission Department of World Olivet Assembly strives to facilitate communication and to provide wholesome education in para-churches in 2020. Quarterly Mission Forums are scheduled to gather leaders of various fellowships and ministries to discuss mission strategies and directions of the upcoming year. 

In January, the first forum of this year will take place in the state of New York under the theme of "Education Leading Multiplication: Training Future Bible Teachers", aiming to create a sustainable mission dynamic among para-churches.

Discussions and Seminars on counseling, shepherding and evangelism will be held to give platforms for ministers and staff to share resources and opinions. 

Leaders from the following para-church organizations are invited to attend: Apostolos Mission, Youth Evangelical Fellowship, Olivet Teen Mission, Jubilee World, Creatio International, Faith & Family Foundation, Elim Center International, Saint Luke Society and Gospel & Information Technology.

In the year 2020, Mission Department of World Olivet Assembly plans to go with a dual system of strong churches and thriving fellowships.

The program aims to increase opportunities of collaborations between para-church organizations with churches by building a stable network to lead and disciple many into maturity in Christ.