Churches Worldwide Commemorate Christmas 2019 with Service

On December 25th, WOA congregations worldwide commemorated Christmas 2019 together by reflecting on the Word that became flesh and made His dwelling among us. Numerous Christmas retreats have been graciously conducted in various regions, preparing hearts for the coming of Christ.

In New York, the retreat focused on understanding the need for a savior through Bible lectures on the book of Romans. Congregations on the Pacific coast gathered to celebrate Christmas together by delving into the book of Matthew, studying the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

England church had a joint retreat with international members at Olivet Center Europe. Throughout two days lectures were given on the topic of "Christ the Light of the World" as well as fellowship activities bringing joy to congregants.

Various countries from the Asia Pacific region such as Indonesia, Mongolia, Philippines, Australia, Taiwan, and Kazakhstan came together in South Korea for a grand Christmas celebration at Olivet Asia Pacific Center. The retreat theme was "For God so loved the World, that He gave His Only Son" with lectures on the topic of Four Spiritual Laws and Romans.

India gathered in many locations, bringing great joy to local people around the country who joined the Christmas service for the first time. In New Delhi, more than 130 attendants gathered to listen to the good news of Jesus Christ coming to this earth.

World Olivet Assembly wishes for Christmas to be a time when faith can be refreshed and renewed in churches worldwide. May the coming of the humble king in the manger enlighten each person's heart to the love of the Father.