WOA Churches Prepare for Christmas Gatherings to Commemorate Coming of Jesus Christ

World Olivet Assembly churches are preparing for the Christmas season of 2019. Congregants worldwide are expected to come together to commemorate one of the most important celebrations of Christianity and to reflect upon how the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. It is a special time of sharing the meaning of Christ's life and salvation through his death.

WOA Churches and Para-churches finalize plans to hold regional as well as national retreats to celebrate Christmas together with joy. It is a time when the spirit of evangelism is revived, so many may come to know the meaning of Jesus coming to the earth. 

World Olivet Assembly General Secretary Pastor Mark Spisak shared the focus of this year's gatherings as followed: 

"This Christmas should not lose the central figure of Christ we all desperately need for our lives. To explain and let all members and congregants meditate on why the birth of Jesus is love for every one of us and the world, is the most important task of the church in today's era."

Churches in the US will have a joint retreat in the state of New York, seeking it as an opportunity to be the breaking point of the mission, to let more souls know about the salvation that is being found in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Europe churches will hold national retreats in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Ukraine to help believers regain the essence of Christmas and the gospel - the importance of the birth, life and death of Jesus. Congregations are encouraged to teach the true gospel that stands solely on God's grace and Jesus atoning death - the only wine-like gospel that has the power to change people's hearts, lives, and this world. 

In the eastern hemisphere, churches from Australia, Philippines, India, Mongolia, and Indonesia will gather in South Korea for a great assembly, revealing the glory of God shown in the manger. Program points are being yet to be finalized, but lectures, prayer meetings, and musical performances are to be expected.

Africa churches will hold national retreats in Kenya, Zambia, and Tanzania with the great hope of gathering numerous people to listen to the teaching of death and cross of Jesus from the letter to the Romans.