WOA Leaders Join WEA GA in Jakarta, Share Vision of "Your Kingdom Come"

Thirty representatives from World Olivet Assembly churches, fellowships and ministries joined World Evangelical Alliance General Assembly 2019. 

The global gathering provided large scale platforms to bring critical topics related to the current evangelical agendas to the table. Leaders from World Olivet Assembly participated in discussions and individual meetings with WEA delegates to hold discourses and fellowships.  

The General Assembly(GA) of the World Evangelical Alliance(WEA) was held at the Sentul International Conference Center south of Jakarta, Indonesia from November 7th until the 12th. The GA is the first gathering in eleven years after the last GA was held in Pattaya, Thailand in 2008.

The WEA official news stated the theme of the GA, "Your Kingdom Come". The theme was "inspired by Jesus' prayer in Matthew 6" and expressing "the hope for the GA to be a critical moment for evangelicals to come together to reflect and strategize how to fulfill Jesus' Great Commission" in order to "disciple all nations". 

Michael Ford, the General Secretary of Apostolos Missions, United States, said upon his testimony, "It was a reminder that the gospel should change our whole lives and our whole lives should be expressions of the gospel." Pastor Chris Park, the representative of YEF Asia Pacific, shared, "We are grateful for the idea of incorporating their strategies into our ministry by looking at the models of churches that are rapidly growing the leaders of the next generation. We found out that God has placed so much hope and infinite possibilities for the world mission in Southeast Asia."

The global event invited around 800 participants from 92 countries who are representing regional and national alliances across the world. WEA is a global network that serves about 600 million evangelicals in 130 nations.