Olivet Assembly USA & Canada Settles New Continental Headquarter in St. Louis

On Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019, by the grace of God, OA USA & Canada completed the closing and received the title for the property that will serve as the new headquarter in St. Louis.

The new venue covers a size of more than 88,000 square foot including chapel, rooms for a variety of purposes including office, education, dining, cafeteria, dormitory and many others.

Formerly used by Catholic organization, the building was built in a form of "magnificent citadel" to serve as a stronghold of mission. The headquarters of Olivet Assembly of USA and Canada will be newly located in the acquired property to serve OA churches across two countries. 

The location can accommodate hundreds of staff and interns who will be instrumental in the expansion of the church and para-church mission. 

May God be glorified through this acquisition and  give a new revival in OA USA & Canada headquarters.