South America Held Summer Retreats Region-Wide

South America held summer retreat with region-wide this month in churches from different parts of the continent

In Puerto Ordaz, dozens of people accepted Jesus as their savior. The retreat was centered on the study of God's Word. Activities also helped to strengthen the bond between believers, including praise and worship, theatrical plays, and refreshments. Hundreds of attendants showed up throughout the churches of Venezuela. The retreats focused on studies on the Book of Romans. 


"This has been an experience full of blessings. I can see how the Lord has made [this event] possible. I am really very grateful and anxious to see what God will continue to do in the passing of days," said Manuel, a leader from Puerto Ordaz.

"I really do not have Words to define the joy I feel in my heart. I saw how the people were full of grace through the Word imparted to them during this retreat. I believe God is encouraging me through this to continue on [in ministry], "said Omar, a leader from Barcelona.

"I feel that I have been blessed a lot when I contemplate on everything the Lord has done. In fact, there were people who we did not invite that were moved by God's spirit to come and join us. This became evident to me that it is God who did everything to make this possible," said Carmen, a leader from Los Teques.

Venezuela is experiencing a great revival in the midst of a difficult economic and political circumstance. More and more are searching for God's Word and guidance, and finding faith in their everyday lives as they seek to overcome their national plight. We hope that the church leaders in Venezuela can continue to rise to the challenge and bring the work of salvation to many.

In Lima, Peru, the missionary delve deep into the Word from Matthew 4:17, Matthew 13 and Romans 14:17. She emphasized how important it is to live in the justice, peace and joy, fulfilling the commandments and turning away from evil. 

In a special presentation, a group of children expressed how grateful to God with their parents to have received Jesus in their homes. There was also a play performed by youths of the church showed how the enemies of God comes to destroy people, but Jesus is the one who changes all and defends them.

The missionary confessed, "I planed this special moment to share His love, but God is the one who prepared this retreat to manifest herself and to heal the hearts of families that were present. it is His ardent desire to show everyone His unconditional love and forgiveness."

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, God blessed the Emmanuel Church with a wonderful retreat retreat. There took place a night of prayer that restored the lives of many souls. The retreat began on Saturday at 4pm and continued with two messages, a play activity and a night of abundant prayer filled with the presence of God. 

In Chile, the service began in Emmanuel Church of Santiago with prayer and praise led by Pastor Ezra. Pastor Manuel shared from Word of God with the theme "Hope in Jesus" from Romans 5: 5. "Hope is what keeps us firm in this life, free of fear, without anguish. The Hope of God in our life strengthens us. Faith is a decision, but Hope is an attitude of life. Hope is to wait confidently on the promises of the Lord... We hope in God, the Hope we have in him will not let us be ashamed, the hope of God will never shame us," he said.