OCP Looks to New Year with Greater Development and Progresses

Olivet Children Project (OCP), New Delhi is looking at 2018 with greater hope and increasing of students as well as increasing classes to accommodate and bless more people in the process.

Olivet Children Project is a childcare project of Olivet Assembly of India - taking care of the underprivileged children who are not able to afford high cost tuition fees elsewhere - so that they can still study freely with a registration fee of just $1.2 a month. "This amount is as good as free - we make it so that they can value it. Free, no one knows the value," the leader said.

Nearly hundred students attend two batches that are running on all week days and on Saturday on weekend.

The leaders hope that they can create more activities - especially outdoor activities and be able to involve the students innovatively.

"We hope that the students can have bigger dreams and vision through our program," said the leader.

May the Lord bless the plan.