The 2016 WOA General Assembly Concludes with Closing Service

24th WGA

The 2016 General Assembly at the WOA world headquarters concluded with the closing service held at the Immanuel Chapel on November 1st. 

Rev. Peter Beita, the general secretary of Olivet Assembly India, prayed to begin the service. Rev. Anthony Chiu, the general secretary of World Olivet Assembly delivered the sermon for the service read from 1 Corinthians 2:1-5 and Mark 16:15-18. 

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"Where is the authority to proclaim to millions? It is no other than the love of God that has come into our lives. He has embraced me, loved me, and called me his own. Why is there sometimes a difficulty to explain others and to proclaim to others easily? It is because we are too reliant on our own abilities to be able to solve these issues. God looked at us despite the fact that we were sinners and undeserving, even turning away at some times. God still called us forth, and this is the kind of love that he has for us.

What is the foundation of our faith and what are we calling people to believe? It is the power of God working in the lives of man. When Paul came to the Corinthians he was coming to them after being defeated in Athens, but he didn't stop. He realized that it is only by the power of God that this can be done. It is not a demonstration of man's wisdom but of God's power. 

In regards to our goal, where does it end? It is when the entire world has returned back to God. Letting the world know of God's power. Even if one person realizes this, even one nation can change. Even in this weakness that we should possess, the boldness within us is that god does not forsake us and never leaves us."