World Olivet Assembly Secures Property for World Headquarters

On January 29, 2016 the World Olivet Assembly (WOA) finalized the purchase of a large estate in Dover, New York that will serve as its world headquarters.

According to WOA officials, the acquisition of nearly 1800 acres of land located off Dover Furnace Road in the hamlet of Dover Plains will be able to fulfill the needs of the Assembly.

The scenic land is located in close proximity to New York City and includes a conference center, dining facilities, ample housing and a private lake-qualities that WOA points to that make the property the ideal setting to hold retreats, conferences and a leadership institute for Christian organizations.

WOA officials say the purchase of the Dover Furnace property is an answer to prayer and in a sense, continues the missionary work of "The New York City Mission Society," which once owned the land and operated it under the banner of Green Acres, for families and seniors and Camp Sharparoon, for children and teenagers.

In its earliest beginnings, The New York City Mission Society was formed to care for the thousands of the newly arrived immigrants facing severe poverty and disease and assist those they cared for in finding life in the healing message of the gospel.

Similarly, WOA churches throughout the world reach out to the weary and burdened in their local neighborhoods through various forms of evangelism, working to bring people together through common faith in Jesus Christ.

It is against this backdrop that the establishment of the World Olivet Assembly headquarters in Dover becomes more than just a significant land purchase, but in essence keeps alive its spiritual heritage. WOA says that the land will serve as a key strategic point in fulfilling the "Great Commission" of preaching the gospel into all the world.

The newly acquired land was also included as part of the January 15, 2016 inauguration of the Evangelical Center in the Town of Dover, an event that was attended by many global Christian leaders. The center was dedicated for the purpose of equipping missionaries and like-minded churches and para-church organizations for the advancement of world mission and will provide those who visit the center for international conferences and meetings with a place to lodge, train and prepare.