Greetings from WOA President

Christmas Greeting

Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As we gather in the warmth of this Christmas season, we are reminded of the profound meaning of Christmas-the celebration of the birth of our humble Savior, Jesus Christ. In the quiet stillness of that Bethlehem night, the love of God was revealed to humanity in the form of a tiny, vulnerable child. It is through this extraordinary act of humble servitude that God's grace reached out to embrace us all.

In the midst of our celebrations, let us not forget those who are facing financial challenges, battling addictions, and grappling with broken relationships-individuals enslaved by the false gods of this world. The humility of Christ calls us to extend our compassion to those who are burdened and in need of the transformative power of His love. As we celebrate the joy of our savior with our fellow believers, may we also seek ways to be a source of the message of hope and eternal life to those facing the harsh realities of life's struggles.

In the spirit of the season, we rejoice at the growth of our global mission: the church plant movement, and the raising up of new leadership and outreach initiatives within our community. The tireless efforts of believers responding to God's calling, devoting themselves to spreading the love of Christ are a testament to the ongoing fulfillment of the Great Commission. As we witness the expansion of our mission, let us continue to fervently pray for the success of these endeavors, that more hearts may be touched and lives transformed by the saving grace of our Lord.

As we reflect on the true kingship of Christ, let us remember that His reign is not one of earthly power, but of divine grace. In a world marked by conflict and strife, we cannot overlook the wars that persist in regions around the world, notably the Middle-East and Europe. Millions are in distress at this very moment, and our hearts ache for those affected by the relentless tides of violence and turmoil.

Yet, even in the midst of these challenges, the message of Christmas resounds-the message of peace on earth and goodwill toward all. It is a reminder that the love of God, exemplified in the life of Jesus, is the balm that heals wounds and brings comfort to the suffering. As we gather with our loved ones, let us extend our prayers and support to those who are facing the harsh realities of conflict.

The Great Commission remains our godly calling, and in a world that often seems fractured, the need for the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ is ever more pressing. The love of God embedded in an undiluted gospel needs to be proclaimed and lived out in our daily lives, so that hearts may be transformed, and the Kingdom of God may take root.

In these uncertain times, let us eagerly await the coming of the Kingdom of God, where God will be King, and we, His people. May this Christmas season be a time of renewed hope, love, and commitment to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, may His peace reign in our hearts and overflow into a world desperately in need of His light.

Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed and joyous Christmas.

In His Service,

David Chang
President, World Olivet Assembly