Faith and Family Foundation Celebrates 19th Anniversary

On July 17, Faith and Family Foundation 19th anniversary service was held around the world with many families participating with great joy and gratitude.

Through the anniversary, participants were reminded of the importance of the families in Christ as the building rocks of the kingdom of God, and encouraged to be the faithful warriors in the increasingly secular world that does not believe in God as the Creator and good Father, and unconditional, selfless Christ-centered love. They were also encouraged to build the families and raise children with biblical values.

Faith and Family Foundation is the ministry that accompanies one from the cradle to the grave. With "Biblical Values for Today's Families", the ministry was founded in 2003 for the purpose of building and supporting Christian families with biblical values. Its vision is to restore families, communities, and society to holiness through Jesus Christ; to proclaim the Gospel with a practical approach towards family issues, and to confirm the importance of Christian faith and families.

May the Lord bless all families built on the foundation of Christ, and expand the kingdom of God on earth through the precious families.